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As a road racer the cardellino must breath freely so a 17mm Dellorto is a must have for this setup. (not to big not to small)
Well this one needs to be fitted
It needed a little bid work to match the ouside diameter off the intake.
And here she is, but not really happy with the looks.

To find some inspiration along the guzzi models, found this example.
A nice curved inlet, used in the early 50's
Had to remove a bid more du to the turned cylinder to remove the inlet
Nice to see the "rotary'' inlet.
here its closed.
Here its open.
Made this curved inlet.
And here she is, nice and tight vertical mounded.
Of course she needed to run to see how she is handling
The carb is to lean for this setup, need a bigger main jet. It runs better on the choke.
Happy with the first results, just need to fine tune it
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