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Because I run the exhaust above the engine, and this Cardellino must look like a special/prototype I thought lest turn the cylinder 120 degrees.
This definitely will give a special look, and the exhaust easier to make

Because the Cardellino breath trough its crank, the transfers in the crank case have little or no purpose.
Theoretical turning the cylinder should work, perhaps adapting the piston a bid so it can breath better.

We will see how it goes......
A quick check seems like I have to remove one piston ring
But that's doable.
Need to make a small base plate as the transfers a just outside the crack case
Piston need changing, but original its already cut
Took only a small peach from cut point to cut point
A nice breathing hole
The other side needed a bid more space
This frees the upper transfer more
Making the temporary base plate
Inside diameter 50mm
It fits like a glove
Quickly made two gaskets
With loctite.
Small note: piston turned 180 degrees, piston ring lock facing ground
Made the exhaust with a bend, so the clutch lever can work to.
(Weldings need some work, this will be done larer)
Looks special
Looks like a prototype
And it does run like this, but still a lot to do.
-increase the compression
-new base plate
-new gaskets
-welding the complete exhaust.

But she is running
Started with welding the exhaust completely
It came out better
Starts to look like a real 50's racer, but still a lot work to do
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