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Cylinder test two is needed because there where various problems with the test setup with Cylinder one.
1) The base plate is lifting the timing with about 2mm (making the engine nervous)
2) The changed piston (is not looking very strong after changing)
3) The transfers are outside the cylinder (leaking change)

Therefore I looked for a different cylinder with the transfers ports inside (there seems to be a variety off cylinders for these type off engines)
A day before Christmas the cylinder arrived, thanks Paolo from Italy
You see clearly the inside transfers.
Exactly what i need for this project.
There seems to be different sleeve outside diameters so had to machine this one to fit my engine
Also needed to change the piston a lot, so it can breath freely.
small note: notice the typical pistonring locks
As you can see, its not symmetrical but it should support the piston.
Not ideally I know the engine is only making 5500rpm and the ports are tiny so....
Will see how it goes
Making a 0,5mm gasket
As you can see without the transfers ports
This type off piston uses three rings, I could use two for this setup. (perfect)

Piston is not fully at top
Machining the head for a bid more compression
Could not get it perfect, but the differences will not be noticed with only three mounting points
Ready to start here up and see how she is handling
As you can see its a quick run, but happy with the results.
1) Engine feels good
2) Throttle response is great
3) Engine is less nervous du to the original cylinder timing
A quick run, and it sounds healthy
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