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A difficult task is the front headlight and numberplate.
There where two version riding those days (in the 50's)
1) numberplate on top off the headlight
2) numberplate on top off the front fender

A small numberplate as its a small bike.
Made from 1mm sheet metal
Top rounding on the headlight is a fender peace
first attempt is numberplate underneath the headlight.
(But it didn't look right)
Second attempt is to place it in front off the headlight on fender
Its not looking bad, but I'm missing something
Dont know, it does not look all right
After looking at it, it did not mach the time line. The top (spoiler) isn't seen in the 50's so had to remove it.
Then the bottom numberplate didn't look right, as the cutout was also never been seen in the 50's

There was only one thing to do and that is remove it and make a headlight numberplate that is used on the guzzino as well.

Looking at it now, its better.
(Perhaps a tiny clear windscreen at the top could look nice)

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